Against the Fey

1.2 Waters of Life (Adrik's Recount)


No sooner did I make my home in Copperknight Hold I found myself leaving it. Though it be for a very important task. Ale. Even with so much power at my disposal, I see the need for the soothing drink. I gladly offered to go with the other volunteers.

The road down the mountain was a treacherous one. Not long after we left the keep, a storm rolled in over the mountain, making our path dangerous. Lucky for me and my companions, Kord hears those who plea to him. As I whispered the last words of my prayer, the storm swiftly moved on, clearing our path.

At the foot of the mountain, we began making our way through the woods where we stumbled upon some queer fellows. The nerve of these men demanding a toll on a road they have no rightful claim to. They almost got their toll, at the cost of our lives. Thank the gods for Bjork, she kept us on our feet at times I felt I had no strength to spare to the task. After following the would-be thieves tracks, we found an empty hideout. They probably fled in the night while we rested and licked our wounds. Bastards.

After a short while we emerged from the wood and found a bridge spanning the river between us and our destination. As our luck would have it, this bridge was guarded by a troll. For a brief moment I feared, until one of us began to lie to the troll, promising him a meal of bandits whom would be much more filling than the likes of us. Much to my astonishment, the troll agreed to let us pass and to wait for the next meal.

Upon arriving in the village, we met a giant of a man and halfling who could supply us with the items on our list to get the keeps brewery up and running. Though we soon realized that all of the supplies would be rather difficult to return to Copperknight with in a single cart, so we offered payment to some of the farmers to go with us and lend their carts. But there is always a catch. The troll. It had to be removed.

Under the cover of night, we returned to the bridge and set up a trap. The bard and I positioned ourselves on each side of the bridge and set up a trap for the troll, positioning our stronger allies on the bridge with him. It was a rather heated battle, though the paladin got to cool off in the river. In the end, the troll proved no match for the four of us. We returned with the trolls head.

For taking care of the troll problem we received a discount on our brewery supplies and plenty of help shipping it up to the keep. I think this will be a good start to our relationship with our new neighbors.



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