Against the Fey

1.2 Waters of Life (teaser)

Quest for Beer

It has been a month since the party of five brave dwarves rescued their cousin Kaval Copperknight from the white dragon wyrmling and her kobold minions. In that time, work on the new dwarf-hold has proceeded quickly. With the adventurer’s help, the workers have completed bedrooms, storage, and added to the great-hall that they took back from the dragon, making space for long tables and a grand hearth. They’ve even begun work on an imposing gate and thick door to the hold. Still, one vital thing is missing – Copperknight Hold will never be complete without a dwarven brewery!


In which RC8 was bravely beaten into submission.

1.2 Waters of Life (teaser)

Darn you GameTable! :) Worked eventually.

1.2 Waters of Life (teaser)

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