Against the Fey

1.3 Picking Up the Trail (teaser)

Time to play Where's Willie?

The party of dwaves returned triumphantly from their expedition to Burgheim. Copperknight Hold is now filled with the yeasty, hoppy smell of brewing beer. The Burgheim tavern paid tribute to the short town heroes and, having stuffed and mounted the dwarves’ proof of the bridge troll’s demise, is now known as the Troll’s Head Inn. Willie, the human peasant farmer that they hired to help haul their brewing goods back to Copperknight Hold has started a regular weekly trading run between the village and the dwarf-hold. Work continues as the industrious dwarves add rooms and remove precious metals from below the mountains.

The Great Hall is abuzz with activity as the first batch of Undermountain Ale is poured into new wooden kegs when suddenly, a shout is heard from the stairs leading to surface. Weapons are unsheathed and helmets donned as the party rushes to the front entrance of the hold, ready to defend against whatever foul creatures await. To their surprise, they find Willie’s ox-cart, a panicked and snorting ox still attached…but no Willie. Blood drips ominously down from a wound on the bovine’s side as the dwarves try to calm the beast…



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