Against the Fey

1.1 Heroic Beginnings (recap)

Five dwarves, one dungeon, one dragon

A party of dwarves follows a rough trail up the mountains. Their cousin, Kaval Copperknight, had begun excavation of a new dwarf hold several months ago. Each week, he would send a runner to get supplies and bring news of the construction; however, there has been no word from the fledgling Copperknight Hold for three weeks. Concerned, five stout dwarves set out to see what has happened:

The party arrives at the construction site, but finds no sign of dwarven activity. The sharper ears hear a draconic whisper; peering through the fence that surrounds the excavation, they find a horde of kobolds! They smash the small lizardy creatures to pieces and – after extinguishing the flaming goo clinging to the stocky barbarian – climb down the shaft into the unfinished hold.

Oena sneaks ahead into the darkness. As she peers around an unfinished statue, the rogue discovers more stinking kobolds! They push the rigged statue down, pinning the unfortunate dwarven woman to the floor. The rest of the stalwart party leaps into action! A spell-slinging kobold wyrmpriest pulls on thin cords leading to tapestries on the walls and the thick fabric falls onto the adventurers; only Garm is caught beneath as the others leap out of the way or cut dwarf-sized holes quickly. Though these enemies are tougher than those on the surface, they make quick work of the kobolds – but not before they shout a warning further into the dwarf-hold.

A thick, iron-banded wooden door bars the passage ahead. Oena makes good use of her lockpicks and soon the door swings open. Having abandoned any element of surprise, the party charges into the room, only to find it swarming with short-sword-armed kobolds – and a white dragon wyrmling! The brave adventurers attack, quickly dropping the wyrmling’s minions, when suddenly one pulls out a second short sword and makes a brutal strike. With the help of Bjork’s healing power, Garm’s thick armor, Oena’s swift daggers, and the thundering strikes of Bessie, Agi manages to invoke the full force of the Moon Goddess, stunning the dragon. The heroic dwarves hit the incapacitated wyrmling with all their might, and Garm makes the final blow with his trusty craghammer, destroying the evil threat once and for all.

The party quickly dispatches the remaining panicked kobolds. Opening the large double door, they find Kaval Copperknight and most of his builders and workers chained in the unfinished rooms beyond. The adventurers quickly untie their fellow dwarves and are hailed as true heroes!



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